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Access Your Books From Anywhere

Are you seeking to take advantage of the cloud? Having the need to access your company’s financial information securely, any time and any place? If your answer is yes, then QuickBooks Online is for you.

At Williamson Accounting we have been supporting our clients with QuickBooks for more than 15 years and are Certified Platinum Pro Advisors for your QuickBooks online bookkeeping needs.

Our QBO services come in several packages, from startups to growing companies with more than 15 employees. Whatever stage of the growth cycle you are in we have a package that suits your business needs.

Review and Oversee the Companies Books

Our steps include but are not limited to:

  • Review the structure of company files and make the necessary adjustments as needed
  • Review invoices and expenses entered into company file, making necessary corrections
  • Reconcile Bank and Credit card statements
  • Review and file HST/GST return (includes a review of your CRA account)
  • If applicable administer the payroll function
  • File WSIB returns as required
  • Monthly/Quarterly/Yearly Financial Report

Full Bookkeeping

Includes all the above in addition to:

  • Entering all invoices and expenses for the client.
  • Customers- Set up/ manage database
  • Vendor/Suppliers- Set up/ manage database
  • Payroll- Set up/ manage database

Contact us today and ask about our Bookkeeping packages. On a limited time, basis new clients receive a free review of their QBO file.

**New users will also enjoy a long term discount on monthly fees**

To speak with one of our Certified QBO Advisors.

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Off-Site/ On-Site

Williamson Accounting specializes in the most popular software to provide complete computerized Bookkeeping on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis. We offer both off-site and on-site service.

(Please note: Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic we have halted all On-site Bookkeeping until further notice).

  Off-Site Bookkeeping On-Site Bookkeeping
  • Usually costs less than an on-site bookkeeper (contact us for an estimate)
  • No travel time to pay for
  • No annual accounting software cost (bookkeeper provides software)
  • Can leverage highly experience staff to do data entry
  • Usually costs more than an off-site bookkeeper with more time involved and travel costs
  • Don’t have to schedule time for bookkeeper to come to office
  • Bookkeeper provides own desk, computer, software, supplies
  • Business owner can provide answers to questions by e-mail
  • Bookkeeper can open mail, organize documents and perform other administrative tasks
  • No need to arrange transport of(fax/email/courier) documents to bookkeeper
  • Bookkeeper can write cheques more frequently
  • Slightly less time-consuming for business owner - does not have to annotate deposits and electronic transfers on bank statements
  • Usually more accessible because not having to spend time travelling and spends most of the day at own office
  • Answering bookkeeper’s questions can be done by e-mail (usually at a time convenient for owner)
  • Answering bookkeeper’s questions is done verbally and can be an interruption during the work day
  • Accounting software data file resides at bookkeeper’s location with access to accounting data file as needed
  • Automatically backed up multiple times per day for disaster recovery purposes.
  • Accounting data file resides at business location
  • No additional monthly fee for access to live accounting data file (because data file resides on company computer)
  • May not be backed up regularly
  • Less susceptible to fraud because bookkeeper does not make bank transactions

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Payroll Filing

Worry free Payroll whether small or large

When you are busy building your business the last thing you want to do is stop to keep up to date with ever-changing tax rules and regulations. That is where entrusting your payroll filing requirements to Williamson Accounting goes a long way. Our payroll experts are trained to manage your payroll whether large or small. We ensure your employees get paid and that the correct remittances are made to Canada Revenue Agency- on time, all the time.

Based on your company's size and preference we can provide weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly or monthly payroll which includes the filing of your WSIB return. We also handle your T4, T4A, and T5018 year-end filings.

As part of our premium bookkeeping package, our in-house payroll service for small businesses provides top-notch industry-leading solutions for your growing staff needs.

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